CEO Toby Milroy, will personally help you double your sales, systematize your business, attract more new customers, clients patients or patrons, and build the lifestyle of your dreams, while gaining more free time.

The "Platinum Coaching" Program is my highly acclaimed, inspiring and results focused coaching program. It’s not a…

…run of the mill "bag of disconnected "ideas" ", but rather an elite marketing, sales and operational STRATEGY coaching program with an internationally recognized top business coach, author, speaker, consultant and energizing entrepreneur, that will not only result in an actionable plan to achieve your business goals, but give you the ongoing mentoring and accountability you need to overcome barriers and put your obstacles behind you.

In this program you'll find previous limitations are shattered, big ideas are discovered, breakthroughs are achieved, the shackles that hold us back from our potential are unlocked permanently.

Are you a hard working, forward-thinking, ethical, honest, responsible, ambitious, and excuse-free owner of a small business, whether online or offline, selling either products or services, locally or globally?

If so, we’re sure to be FAST friends!

I do my best, most inspiring work with folks just like you.

Then, let’s do it. Directly and in-person, you'll master the strategies and tactics I've taught to more than 15,000 small business owners, empowering you to:

You’re a big thinker. You want to grow your business and make an even bigger impact in your community. But it’s seems hard to work "on" the business, because you're so busy working "in" your business.

You set goals. You make plans. Then you get overwhelmed - mired in the minutia of the "day to day", distracted by the crisis of the moment.

You know that the success of your business depends on continuous improvement, action and momentum toward your goals. But, you’re being pulled in a million directions, getting obtuse advice from too many “know-it-all's”, and people who've never "been where you are", who've never accomplished what you want to accomplish, nor helped other to do the same.

You feel left "on your own", like being stranded on a dessert island, surrounded on all sides by water. You "try things" but it's like throwing darts at a dartboard while blindfolded.

Well, I’m here to help.

For the past 20 years, I've helped over 15,000 honest, ethical, hard-working small business owners, like you.

The biggest problem I see, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, is that all of us were lied to!

From the time we were children, we were told that "If You Build a Better Mousetrap, The World Will Beat a Path to Your Door".

That's why we opened our business to begin with...right??

We either worked for someone else "in the business", or we saw a business that we thought was really compelling, and we said to ourselves:

Then.....we took the leap....we went into business for our-self.

We HAD a "better mousetrap". But, in today's challenging "global" economy, just being better or cheaper, or faster simply isn't enough.

We MUST be more.


When you lack a crystal clear focus on what exactly needs to be done, AND the specific (tested, and PROVEN) tactics to implement, the only thing you produce is anxiety and stress.

Additionally, overwhelm takes hold.

You think you don’t have the time to do all the things you need to do.

Mainly because you lack the SYSTEMS to get more done. Systems that can liberate you, freeing your time to work on the "more important" activities, like getting more customers, and growing your business, not to mention spending more time with family and friends, or (god forbid) take a vacation.

Lacking these systems keeps you busy but not productive.

The Platinum Coaching Program give you the "rubber meets the road" marketing, sales and operational strategies you need to drive your business to the next level AND the specific, customized, PROVEN strategy to do it.

This is an IMPLEMENTATION Program and is really only for small business owners who are ready to take action.

Before we go any further, I know what you may be thinking;

You see, in my more than 20 years in small business, studying business models in more than 35 different business categories, working with and coaching more than 15,000 small business owners from all over the world, I've come to learn an immutable truth that has served me VERY well, and can serve you well too.

That fundamental truth is this:

The most successful businesses aren't always tho ones with the "best" product or service. They do have great products or services, BUT they are the ones who additionally MASTER 3 fundamental skills.

Skill #1 - They learn to MASTER the art of "Customer Attraction".

These outstanding businesses become MASTERS of "Marketing" - the art of bringing more customers, clients, patients or patron "in the door" (either literally or figuratively). They can increase and decrease the flow of new customers into their businesses like opening or closing a faucet. They TAKE CONTROL of their circumstances, and create opportunity where others see obstacles.

Imagine how much less stressful your life would be, when you can predictably and reliably "open" the faucet and drive new customers in the door at will.

The lifeblood of every business, regardless of size or category, whether you sell widgets or provide a personal service, whether you have a bricks and mortar location or do business strictly online, is a predictable, reliable, consistent flow of new customers, clients, patients or patrons!

But how exactly do you attract enough new customers into your business without breaking the bank wasting huge piles of cash on expensive, ineffective “advertising”?

Well, that’s a Million Dollar Question!

And the GREAT news is, I've helped thousands of small business owners (just like you) all over the world transform their businesses into highly profitable, highly effective “machines”, by implementing smart, effective marketing systems (not just your typical, boring, expensive, ineffective ”advertising”) that generate a constant stream of new customers, clients, students, patients or patrons flowing into your business!

I've made it my life’s mission to help small business owners (the fuel that powers our nation’s economy) grow their business, serve their customers at a higher level and create an amazing lifestyle for themselves and their family.

You see…. I've spent my entire life starting, growing, building and developing my own businesses, and along the way investing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars educating myself, and MILLIONS OF DOLLARS testing (and many times failing) marketing strategies.

I've had the honor and pleasure of working with some of the most well respected, talented and successful (not to mention expensive) marketing and business development experts in the world. WORLD CLASS experts like Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins, Bill Glazer and MANY…MANY more.

I give a HUGE portion of the credit for the success that I've attained to my close association with these amazing people.

Unfortunately however, most small business owners simply don’t have the money, or connections that I've been blessed with, and struggle as a result.

So, I've decided to help other small business owners take their business to the next level by sharing what I've learned, and ONLY sharing the strategies and tools that are WORKING in today’s difficult economy, saving you millions of dollars on ineffective strategies and shaving DECADES off your learning curve.

Now, many small business owners confide in me that they simply don't have enough marketing "tools" in their toolbox. They never studied marketing, they didn't go to business school, and no one ever took them aside to "teach" them "how" to bring in more customers.

Here is where this program REALLY shines!

I've spent more than 20 years studying and APPLYING hundreds of marketing strategies, systems and tools in small businesses.

They sometime call me the "new customer whisperer" for my ability to flood businesses with customers.

I've been so blessed to have had the success in my own businesses, and the experience in so many varied industries, implementing countless marketing systems and strategies, seeing some fail big time, and seeing other go "gangbusters", adjusting to different types of businesses and different economic circumstances.

So, in this program, I bring all that experience to the table for the benefit of our members!

I've found that 1 HYPER successful marketing, sales or operational strategy that is AS COMMON AS AIR in one industry, may be completely unknown to another.

So I've translated and assembled more than 700 successful marketing tactics that I've used effectively in my own businesses and those of my clients frequently with "Game Changing Results"! And through this program we'll identify key tactics that will be applicable to your business.

This ALONE can "change the game" for you forever.

Many of my clients DOUBLE (or more) their business JUST by implementing a few of these TIME TESTED, yet innovative marketing processes. MANY times, WITHOUT spending any more money on "advertising".

What would you be able to accomplish, if you could bring 1, 2, 3 or more NEW streams of customers, clients, patients or patrons into your business each week, month or year?

Conversely, small businesses who struggle, FAIL to master this fundamental skill. They (figuratively) sit in their business, and "hope" a customer walks in the door today (or visits their website, etc). Well, I'm sure we'd all agree that hope isn't a strategy.

Skill #2 - They Learn to MASTER the art of (ethical) "Sales Acceleration"

What is Sales Acceleration you ask?

Well, all of us have customers. We all "sell" our product or service.

But some sell more "effectively" than others. I've seen and worked with businesses that sell the exact same product or service in substantially similar demographic and marketing conditions, but one business sold an average of $100/sale while the other sold more than $350/sale. BOTH services were VERY good, but one business simply had a MUCH better sales system.

Many struggling small business owners leaver their sales systems "to chance".  Either the customer buys, or doesn't buy.

But topflight businesses, who accomplish incredible results and lead their categories, MANAGE the sales process to the "T".

Through this Platinum Coaching Program, we'll "look under the hood" of your current sales systems and fine tune your sales engine so that it's running on all cylinders, finding all the cracks, nooks and crannies where sales opportunities are currently escaping.

This is like finding money in the cushions of your sofa. It's always been're just not seeing it. You've ALREADY done the "work" attracting that prospective customer, but you're not enjoying all the benefit you could be.

Additionally, we very frequently find numerous opportunities to further accelerate sales, by finding up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell, and other sales opportunities.

What would a 10% per customer sales increase do for your business? How about 20%, what about 50%.

In many cases I've even helped small business owners accomplish 100% increases, 200% increases, and other cases 500% to 1000% increase in the average transaction value.

Talk about changing someone's life! (Man I LOVE my "job")

Skill #3 - They Learn to MASTER the art of "Customer Retention"

In my definition, customer retention is a WAY OF LIFE, not just a strategy.

I believe that when a customer "buys" from us....that indicates the BEGINNING of the relationship with them, not the end.

You see, the "customer" is the only real "value" in a small business.

Yes, some small businesses have hard assets like FF&A (furniture, fixtures and accessories), equipment, in some cases real estate and other assets, but the ONLY asset that puts money INTO the coffers on a regular basis is the customer.

So one of the bedrock principles of my "way of doing business" is REALLY taking good care of my customers, and doing everything I can to extend our relationship. The longer the customer "stays" with your business, the more times they will "buy" from you.

Additionally, the longer they stay with you, the more opportunity you have to get them to refer other customers to you, create "add on" sales opportunities, create "ascension" sales opportunities, and penetrate your community (whether your a "local" business, or do business all over the world).

In this Platinum Coaching Program, you'll be handed the systems to multiply the "life" (amount of time, or sales engagements) of each of your customers. You'll create processes to "keep" your customers engaged with you, and you'll become a trusted adviser to your customers rather than just another "provider".

If you think you and your business would benefit from MASTERING these 3 Skills, this is the right program for you!

Now, some small business owners begin to see all that we accomplish with our clients, and get a little bit fearful that all this will take a LOT of "work".

They feel that they are "already" working 50, 60 or 80 hours a week, and now all this is going to add even MORE to the pile.

Well, I can certainly relate!

As I've said previously, I've owned and operated several small businesses myself, and having coaching THOUSANDS of others to great levels of success, I KNOW what it's like to be "in the weeds".

I know how overwhelming it can feel to have a 100 point "to do" list, and to be the only person who can get it done.

This process will help you SOLVE this problem PERMANENTLY.

You see, I'll help you gain CRYSTAL clear focus on the activities you should be working on, and HOW to get all the other "distractions" off your plate.

Part of this Coaching process is about having a learned eye looking over your shoulder, holding you accountable, encouraging you on, and frankly, kicking you  in the ass when needed.

Too many honest, hard-working small business owners paralyze their dreams with fear and a disease called, “I’m not quite ready.”

Those in the top 10% are those who are the most curious, ambitious and creative. They want to make things happen quickly and are willing to commit to a mentor who can guide them through the fog and fear.

I'll teach you HOW to work less, and make way more money!

How it works… "Small Business Mastery Platinum Coaching Program",
Where you’ll experience breakthrough after breakthrough.

We'll work directly, 1 on 1 to build the blueprint YOU need, to take your business where you want it to be.

You’ll get:

Candidates MUST pre-qualify:

Please call 407-205-2401 for details.


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